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my name is peta. i'm 25. i'm australian so despite living in the future i'm usually about 9.5 hours behind on the uptake. avoiding spoilers is torture.

i'm a deancas shipper and probably a canon optimist. i'm a team free will enthusiast and i have placed hunteri heroici on such a high pedestal that i never expect it to be reached. i'm a little bit in love with castiel which i expect to be a problem for a very long time.

i'm attempting this 'real blogger' thing so a tags page is in the works and all that jazz. idk.
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god bless sdcc

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"Winchesters."The angel said."You must die."


Castiel is part of the angel rebellion headed by Anael, her second-in-command and the garrison’s most gifted assassin. When it was decided that the best way to stop the apocalypse was to eliminate Michael & Lucifer’s true vessels, Castiel volunteers to get the deed done. However  upon meeting these human hunters, something about them stays his hands.

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Episode Titles 10x01 & 10x02
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Episode Titles 10x01 & 10x02

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im excited for season 10

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Misha Collins holding his laugh is a gift to human kind and should always be treated as such


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9x20 // 6x20
David/Violet - Dean/Cas

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